Our Process

1. Contact us!

It all starts with a phone call or email. (You can also find us on Facebook). Call, fill out the form, or shoot me an email. The owner, Blu, will contact you to setup a time we can meet. Blu meets and personally develops all the quotes for Wahle, Inc. All consultation and bids are always free!

2. Quote

After Blu develops the quote, he will return it either by email or mail. After you have had time to review it, please feel free to call or email with any questions or revisions. Price for custom quote tailored to your exact needs? Free! We never charge for quotes!

3. Deposit. Get on the schedule with a 20% deposit.

Once you have all of your questions answered and have decided to proceed, a 20% deposit of the bid price will put you on the schedule. Wahle, Inc. takes all clients in order. No cutsies! Now is the hard part. Waiting! We know that you are as excited to get started on your project as we are to build it. We service all customers in the order of their deposits. Plan well ahead of when you would like the project completed. Summer is by far the busiest time for us and we will be lining up jobs all winter and early spring. We know you might not think of summer projects in the winter, but it is a great time to plan! If you are planning for Christmas lights, it is almost never too early. We begin planning for the next Christmas light season as soon as December is over. Obviously, we do reserve the right to work in smaller projects where they can be fit in amongst larger projects.

4. The work

When you are the next on the list, we’ll contact you to see when a good time for you to start the project will be. After work begins, an additional 30% of the bid cost is required. If you are not quite ready to begin, don’t worry, you won’t fall back to the end of the list. We’ll can just bump you to the next spot.

I will introduce you to the crew leader for your project and confirm the work to be done. We’ll determine and explain the logistics (where the block will be delivered, what times/days your driveway may be unavailable, what areas you may want to keep the kids out of) and begin work.

5. Finish work

Once the work is complete, Blu will inspect the work. Blu’s inspection ensures he is satisfied that the best quality work was done. Once you and Blu are both 100% satisfied, we will send you the final bill. All jobs are paid at actual cost of materials and labor. This may mean that the final invoice varies slightly from the quote; however, with over 15 years of estimating and quoting jobs, this is typically a small variance. When customers see the caliber of our work, it is very common for them to request additional work to be completed on their project. We are usually able to work it in to the same job but keep in mind this will increase the cost of your project.

6. Relax and enjoy your new space

Wahle, Inc. highly encourages celebrations with friends and family (and maybe a mention of who did the work?). We thrive on customer recommendations, if we haven’t earned yours, let us know how we can!

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